How we make logistics in
electronics production easier


About CompControl

We are the only manufacturer in Europe delivering a holistic logistics solution in the fi eld of modern electronics production. To do this, CompControl has had all kinds of know-how for over three decades and knows very quickly what its clients need. As a consequence, CompControl is able to guarantee the seamless and tailor-made integration of its software and hardware solutions from the delivery of goods to the incoming goods through the storage of building components to the production line of the electronic assemblies.

Our customers come from the automotive, safety and medical technology sectors and wherever quality level one applies. So if you are looking for an absolute expert in electronics manufacturing for integrated storage, logistics and traceability solutions, then talk to us.

CompControl is a relevant partner for logistics companies in electronics manufacturing because:

  • At the push of a button, they know the exact quantity stock and can plan the production in an absolutely precise manner.
  • Thanks to the transparent traceability on every manufacturer’s batch they enjoy security in terms of warranty.
  • They create the interfaces between the machine and ERP world.

"We occupy a market niche."

Interview with Christoph Limpert, Managing Director of CompControl

Christoph Limpert is Managing Director of CompControl. In this interview, he explains the special strengths of his company, how with these strengths you can face the challenges in the electronics industry, and why and how artificial intelligence may support the operations when it comes to the incoming goods.