More precise and faster:
goods registration with WEControl incoming goods scanner


Efficient control and transparency:
WEControl for goods recording optimizes your goods receipt

With WEControl, CompControl enables an absolutely transparent registration of the containers of the incoming goods at an incoming goods station, in particular for electronics production. What is unique is the automatic scanning of each individual roll and the barcode and plain text information on it through the camera. This enables a complete documentation and assessment of all container data. Ambiguities and discrepancies between the supplier, manufacturer and producer concerning the container data belong to the past.

Highlights of the WEControl incoming goods scanner

  • The system captures the incoming goods of all containers in a transparent and automatic way through the camera.
  • It completely captures and analyses the barcode and plain text information on the containers.
  • It automatically posts the incoming goods in the ERP system.

Table of the incoming goods:
WEControl Dome

Technical characteristics

  • Automatic capture of all containers through the camera from above
  • Automatic focus through a height sensor
  • Turning or twisting the containers is no longer necessary
  • Fast Batch Processing
  • Delivery note analysis together with the automatic posting in the ERP system
  • Date code analysis (with many various manufacturer formats) together with the handling and calculation with the production date
  • MSL and best before management by means of the connection to the drying cabinet
  • Automatic data transfer to ERP system and production

Clients who already trust us

WEControl: Details for technical staff

WEControl makes it possible at the very moment that the goods are received to automatically analyse the electronics reel by manufacturer part number, manufacturer, quantity and optionally date code, lot code, MSL, country of origin, LED details and MHD. Using mobile logging, scanning bulky reels and printed circuit boards at the goods-in stage is made easy. Learn more about this from the factsheet.

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