MHD and MSL management of electronic components for optimal storage


Enduring quality and optimum reliability: modern MHD and MSL management for high-quality electronic parts

The MHD and MSL management of electronic parts is key to ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic products. Using our MSDControl software, manufacturers and distributors of electronic products are able to accurately track this information in order to ensure that the parts meet the specified requirements and that the risk of any malfunctions is minimised.

Best-before date (MHD)

The MHD of electronic parts is a piece of information that is stated on many electronic components. After the MHD there is a risk that the parts will lose their functionality or become unreliable.

Adherence to the MHD is particularly important in sectors where the electronic products’ reliability and durability are of key importance, such as in aviation, aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing.

Manufacturers and distributors of electronic products have to ensure that they use parts with MHDs that have not yet expired. WEControl therefore converts the manufacturers’ different MHD formats into a calculable date and determines from that the correct MHD for the monitoring process.

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

The MSL is an analysis system that classifies electronic parts’ sensitivity to moisture. If they absorb moisture and then become warm during soldering, electronic parts can become damaged. MSL classifications range from MSL 1 (lowest sensitivity level) to MSL 6 (highest sensitivity level). The MSL classification is specified on the parts and helps manufacturers to adapt assembly processes and storage conditions accordingly. 

The management within the CompControl system ensures that the opening times are reduced to a minimum and that an optimum process flow is thus achieved (splitting up of the MSL parts during picking, MSL parts not requested until shortly before the start of production. The expiry term does not start until the reel is rigged and ends when it is stored back in the drying cupboard or shrink-wrapped again).

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MSDControl: Details for technical staff

With our solutions all systems interact: for example, all the MSL information captured by the goods-in scanner (WEControl) gets automatically imported. One of the interesting features here is that when the reel is put back into store the reel label gets automatically reprinted to show the remaining expiry period – all as desired by the client. Learn more about this from the factsheet.


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