Pick-per-light makes warehouse management of electronic components so easy


Precise and efficient picking for warehouse logistics workers using Pick-per-Light

Pick-per-Light increases the accuracy and efficiency of the picking process considerably, as it reduces the need for paper lists or other manual procedures. Pick-per-Light contributes overall to optimising the warehousing process.

Increased productivity

The visual displays guide the workers directly to the correct storage locations, which speeds up the picking process and increases productivity.

Reduced error rate

Thanks to the visual displays the risk of errors being made when picking items is minimised, as the workers receive clear instructions and mix-ups get avoided.

Real-time tracking

The system makes it possible to track the picking activities in real time, which facilitates better control and planning of stock levels.

Less paperwork

By using Pick-per-Light systems, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate the need for printed picking lists or other written instructions, which makes the warehouse operation more efficient and is more environmentally friendly.

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Pick-per-light: Details for technical staff

What we offer you with our SmartStorageControl’s Pick-per-Light system is a pioneering method of components handling in electronic product production, which can be fitted on all existing shelf, picking and carrier trolleys as well as on feeder storage systems. Learn more from the factsheet. Simply download it. Also, very simple.

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