Plausible goods recording in the warehouse and logistics area.


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Goods logging in electronic equipment production is the process of recording and managing materials, parts, components and products that are used in the various phases of production. This process is key to ensuring traceability, quality assurance and efficiency in electronic equipment production.

Important aspects of goods logging in electronic equipment production

  • Identification and labelling
    Each electronic part is given a unique identification mark such as a barcode, QR code or RFID tag in order to ensure simple identification and traceability.
  • Tracking the flow of materials
    The logging of goods encompasses the monitoring of the flow of materials from the receipt of materials through to their use in the production process. This facilitates continual monitoring of stock levels and timely reordering of materials.
  • Quality control and checking
    The logging of materials also makes it possible to track materials that have been built into products. This is key in order to ensure product quality and to make any recalls easier in the event that any quality problems arise.
  • Traceability
    Traceability is an important aspect of goods logging. It makes it possible to retrace the origin and use of materials and products at every step of the production process. This is particularly important for identifying any quality issues or defects.
  • Documentation and recording
    All activities undertaken in connection with goods logging are documented and recorded. This is important for adherence to quality standards and regulations.
  • Continual improvement
    The logging of goods is a developing process that is being continually improved in order to increase efficiency and accuracy. This includes the implementation of automation technologies and digital solutions.

Our services in the area of incoming goods recording


Incoming goods

With WEControl, CompControl enables an absolutely transparent registration of the containers of the incoming
goods at an incoming goods station.


Analysis of the
delivery note

Delivery note analysis is an important step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of logistics and business processes.


UID data analysis

The UID viewer is used to display, manage or check unique identifiers (UIDs).

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