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Top production planning: precise and innovative for electronic equipment production

Using our ProductionControl solution for planning your electronic equipment production, you can ensure that despite complex processes the electronic products get manufactured efficiently and to a high standard of quality. That requires close collaboration between different departments, including Production, Procurement, Quality Control and Engineering, in order to ensure that the products get made on time and in high quality. An effective production planning system is key to maintaining competitiveness in the electronics market.

Requirements planning

This is the starting point of the production planning process and determines the requirements in terms of electronic products or assemblies based on client orders or forecasts. Requirements planning also takes into account stock levels and materials required.

Production planning

This is where the detailed production schedule is created, which specifies when and how the different assemblies or products are to be produced. This covers the sequence of the production process and the setting of batch sizes.

Materials procurement

The procurement of materials is an important part of production planning. It covers the timely procurement of electronic components and parts from suppliers in order to ensure that they are available in the right place at the right time.

Continual improvement

Production planning in electronic products production is an iterative process. After the completion of a production order an assessment is made in order to identify any possible improvements and to optimise the planning process.

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ProductionControl: Details for the technical stuff

Our ProductionControl software provides you with a high-quality solution for detailed production planning: for example, with the graphic time bar, view of materials availability at reel level, automatic order progress of SMD machines such as ASM, FUJI, JUKI, MIMOT etc., plus automatic quantity adjustment inclusive of misspicks and manual set-up shrinkage. Find out more from the factsheet or directly from us.

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