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Delivery note analysis: far more than just documentation

Our delivery note analysis system checks delivery notes and analyses them in respect of the goods delivered, their quantity, quality and other relevant details. Delivery note analysis is an important step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of logistics and business processes. It helps to make sure that goods delivered are as expected and agreed and contributes to the avoidance of any errors or discrepancies.

Important aspects that are taken into account in our delivery note analysis process

  • Checking the items and quantities to make sure that they agree with the expected information. This is key in order to avoid any errors or discrepancies in the supply chain.
  • Quality control: The delivery note analysis also includes checking the quality of the delivered goods in order to ensure that it matches the agreed standards.
  • Documentation: The information on the delivery note must be carefully documented in order to ensure that it can be used later, for example, for tracking stock levels.
  • Reconciliation with orders: Reconciliation of the delivered goods with the orders originally placed in order to ensure that everything has been correctly delivered.
  • Error detection: Through the analysis of delivery notes it is possible to identify any errors or irregularities in the supply chain or in the business processes. This enables companies to identify and remedy any problems at an early stage.

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Delivery note analysis: details for the technical stuff

Of course, our system also recognises barcodes, OCRs and logos on delivery notes, just as it also enables the direct logging of non-electronic components for mixed deliveries from a supplier. Where goods-in logging is done using WEControl, the goods-in positions also get prioritised by importance to the downstream processes. See more details on the fact sheet.

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