Warehouse management
for electronic components


Precise stock management with CompControl

Warehouse management of electronic parts relates to the management and organisation of stocks of electronic components and parts in a warehouse or storage facility. Electronic parts encompass a broad range of products, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, semi-conductors, printed circuit boards, cables, plugs and much more. An efficient warehouse management system is key to ensuring that the required parts are available at the right time and to minimising parts getting lost or disappearing.

Important aspects of the warehouse management of electronic parts

  • Stock tracking
    Keeping a precise overview of stock levels is key. That can be made easier by using barcodes or other identification technologies.
  • Stock checking
    Constant monitoring of inventory in order to avoid overstocking or shortages. Automated stock management software can help with this.
  • Warehouse layout and organisation
    An efficient warehouse layout that makes it easy for parts to be identified and found is key. Shelving, storage bay naming and systems for maintaining order are important here.

Warehouse management with StockControl

Warehouse management of electronic parts relates to the management and organisation of your stocks of electronic components and parts in your warehouse.


Pick-per-light with SmartStockControl

Pick-per-Light makes managing stocks of electronic parts a simple task. It helps you significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of the picking process.


MHD and MSL management

The MHD and MSL management of electronic parts is key to ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic products.


Traceability with TraceControl

Traceability in electronics production enables parts and products to traced throughout the entire production process.

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