Efficient Production Planning

ProductionControl software enables the more efficient planning of production processes in materials management and production.

The software optimises logistics for the production of electronic components and enables complete traceability of all parts and production steps in an individual order.

  • Speed up order processing
  • Quickly detect deviations in planning
  • Increase delivery reliability and on-time deliveries
  • Sustainably reduce production costs

Transparent Production

Containers are automatically recorded, verified, and archived. When goods arrive, each container unit receives a serial number. Based on this number, the ProductionControl software can trace the corresponding item along the entire production process. The traceability system also provides for the recording of all data from the SMD machines as well as the establishment of a setup control on the SMT lines. This enables tracing down to the component batch level per production order.

Automatic Inventory

The permanent inventory function is unique. This automatically compares used amounts with the amounts required according to the production order as well as with the inventory on stock. If levels drop below a certain inventory level, the software automatically triggers an alarm.

In this way, the required material can be ordered from the ERP system while taking the gross or net requirements into consideration. This allows for optimal planning even if there are longer delivery times.

Your Benefits

  • A graphic production overview provides a transparent overview of the orders with the work processes and the machine planning.
  • Determination of throughput times on the basis of setup and processing times
  • Automated comparison with the ERP system without additional manual access
  • Automated permanent inventory function
  • MHD/MSL component monitoring
  • Inventory clarity from the machine to the ERP system
  • Consideration of excessive amounts that are on the machine, including partial reservations

Performance Features of ProductionControl

  • Presentation of the production orders
  • Presentation of the production lines
  • Recording of the containers with batch reference immediately when the goods arrive in coordination with the ERP system and printout of a container label with container serial number
  • Warehousing of the containers using scanning and chaotic spot assignment
  • Flexible optimisation strategies for placing in storage and order picking; radio controlled, paperless control system with path optimisation
  • Takeover of production orders from the ERP system with availability check and parts list comparison with the machine data.
  • Sequence control with reservation of the individual containers in accordance with FIFO and machine proximity
  • Connection to line control and the placement machine with container specification and exact booking of consumption per container