More Transparency for Incoming Goods

With the WEControl software - developed especially for electronics production - CompControl enables the absolute transparent incoming goods recording of containers at an incoming goods station.

A unique feature is the automated procedure for each individual container and the camera recording of the container’s barcode and clear text information. This enables the complete documentation and evaluation of all container data. Ambiguities and discrepancies between the supplier, manufacturers, and producers regarding container data are now a thing of the past. Image data provide additional important information on the incoming goods.


  • Transparent and automated recording of incoming goods
  • Complete recording of the barcode and clear text information
  • Booking the incoming goods in the ERP system

Correct Amounts

Manual reworking is minimised: When the data are recorded in the automated incoming goods station, the amounts in stock as well as the incoming goods booking are also recorded in the ERP system.

Your Benefits

  • Automated recording of the incoming goods data for all containers per camera
  • Determination of the order items, article, amount, batch, and all other label information with barcode and clear text analysis, including verification of the data on the manufacturer information
  • Watertight documentation of all label data, including the printed container label for collection and further tracing.
  • Unique basis for the tracing system
  • Automated booking of the incoming goods in inventory control/ERP without manual access

Performance Features of WEControl

  • Incoming goods station
  • High-resolution camera with barcode and character detection
  • Integration of an automated labelling system for the containers
  • Automated association of the container information to the orders with booking to the warehouse as well as the ERP system
  • Base Data Recording for the Tracing System
  • Photographic documentation of the containers
  • Connection to the warehouse and ERP system, such as SAP, INFRA, Baan, Navision, Sage, XAL, P2plus, proALPHA, INFOR, etc.

!!!NEW!!! WEControlDOME

easy handling of the containers, image processing from above